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Manitowoc, WI Expo Grounds

Few creatures from ancient folklore are as disturbing and terrifying as 


According to the legends of Algonquian-speaking natives from the Great Lakes region, the windigo is a beast that was once human, but has been transformed by starvation, cold and isolation into a twisted monstrosity with a ravenous desire for human flesh. 

This unfortunate fiend is often described as unnaturally tall and gaunt, with glowing red eyes and antlers sprouting from its desiccated skull. Despite its skeletal appearance, the windigo possesses supernatural strength & stamina, stalking any of its former tribesmen foolish enough to venture into the wilderness alone like prey. No matter how many victims it consumes, its sinister cravings can never be satisfied. The Windigo's icy heart is devoid of empathy, knowing only greed, lust, and endless, agonizing hunger.

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The Story of The Windigo

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